Brief Information About Hosadurga Town Municipal

Hosadurga Town Municipal was constituted during the year 2007. As per 2011 Census Town Population is 28370. There are 23 wards in Hosadurga Town limit and it consists of 23 Council members. Town Area is 16.34 Sq.Km. The annual rainfall range is about 518.42 m.m and the temperature ranges from 19° C to 40° C.

Since the Hosadurga Town is also a Taluk Head quarter, citizens of the Taluk have to visit Hosadurga Town. Hence Population density will be more during office hours. Taluk office, Police Station, Taluk Panchayath Office, PWD office, BESCOM, CDPO office, Social welfare office, BEO office etc, are the other main Government offices in the town. Government Hospital also is there in the town.

Hosadurga Road Railway station is about 15 KM from the town. Most of the Hosadurga town citizens are depending on agriculture. Coconut is the major commercial crops.

Major Objectives of the Hosadurga Town Municipal:-

  • Hosadurga TMC gives first priority for fulfilling the citizens basic needs such as pure drinking water, Street light and Sanitation.
  • In this view purified water is being supplied from Kellodu Vedhavathi river.
  • To maintain the cleanness of the town, waste is being disposed to Solid Waste Management Site every day. Door to Door waste collection is also being done. Fogging being done every day to avoid Musquitos.
  • Development works such as Roads, Drains are being implemented under various Government schemes such as S.F.C., UIDSSMT, CMSMTDP etc .
  • Various development programs being implemented under different schemes such as 22.75%, 7.25%, 3%, SJSRY, Namma Mane for the welfare of economically poor, Handicapped and also for the Backward classes.
  • In view of the Public interest and also for the systematic office administration, office Computerization work is under progress.
  • As per the Directorate of Municipal administration and Municipal reforms cell intructions most of the information has been computerized. Facility has been given for the Citizen to get the required information in their finger tip.

SAKALA (Karnataka Guarantee Services to Citizen Act 2011):

The following services of the Hosadurga Town Municipal comes under SAKALA Services

  1. Buiding Licence
  2. Trade Licence
  3. New Water Supply Connection
  4. Khata Extract
  5. Birth and Death Certificates

As per the act above services will be delivered to the citizen within stipulated time.

About KMRP Computerization Projects:

Under the supervision of Municipal Reforms Cell so many computerization projects such as ULB Website, Birth and Death online application, Public Grievance and Redressal Cell, Property tax online application etc., have been implemented in this ULB. Few more projects are under progress and will be presented soon for the use of the citizen. Most of the information is available in the ULB website for the Citizens use.

  • ULB Website: Hosadurga Town Municipal is having its own website. All the relevant information pertaining to the Hosadurga TMC is available in this webiste. Directorate of Municipal Administration, Municipal Reforms Cell developed this website to provide the easy access of the information for the citizens and also to bring the transperancy in the administration. This website contains the information such staff details, Council information, Elected representatives information, RTI, PDL, Solid Waste Management, Rain Water Harvesting, Roads, Street Lights, Drains and other works information, Financial System / Budget details and many more useful details are available in this website. All the useful online applications which are developed by Municipal reforms cell are interlinked to this website. Citizen can avail these facilities by visiting this website.
  • Birth and Death records online application: Birth and Death records available online from the year 1990 to till date. Hosadurga TMC is issuing computerized Birth and Death certificates to the citizens. Publics can only search and view their records. Due to computerization, publics are able to get the certificate within a day or within few hours.
  • PGR Online Application: To redress the Hosadurga town citizens needs such as Water supply, Street Light, Sanitation etc., Public Grievance and Redressel Cell has been opened. This PGR Cell works every day 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM. Citizen can register the complaint by visiting this PGR cell or through telephone to the PGR Cell helpline number: 08199-232666 or through PGR Cell online application which is available in this website. After complaint registration PGR cell operator will provide the "Unique Complaint Tracking Number " to the citizen. Citizen can keep track of the registered complaint with the help of this " Unique Complaint Tracking Number". Citizen also can know the complaint stutus by providing their email address or mobile number.
  • Asthi Online Application: GIS based Property Tax online application made live for the Hosadurga TMC on 21.01.2013 under Karnataka Municipal Reforms Project. Presently Previous year Property Tax payment details data entry is under progress. Once the previous year Tax collection details completed, application will be moved to the latest version of the Property Tax Online application. With the help of this Citizens can keep track of their properties payment details. For more information citizen can visit the site http://www.hosadurgatown.gov.in/ptisnn/public/citizenIndex.jsp
  • Fund Based Double Entry Accounting System: FBAS is already implemeted in this ULB. All Schemes Finacial details of the ULB are updated in this online application by the Accountant. With this application it has become more helpful to maintain the ULB account details in electronic form. It also become easier for Budget preparation and Annual Performance reports.
  • Jalanidhi ( Water Tax Onlie Application): In order to maintain Water tax Demand, collection and Balance efficiently Directorate of Municipal Administration has introduced the "Jalanidhi Online Application " . Citizen can apply for new water tap connection in this application, and also can obtain the bill and receipt for the Water Tax. Soon the Citizens of Holalkere TP are going to avail this facility.
  • Other Online Applications: HRMS, CMSMTDP, Asha Kirana Mahiti, Namma Mane, MIB, SLB are the other important online applications which are being used in this office.

This Page is maintained by: Sri. N. Chandrashekar, Chief Officer, TMC, Hosadurga.

Last Updated Date: 16/02/2015.


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